Lagarde singles out Africa's many conflicts and challenges for 2013 An overview of the conflicts and challenges Africa faces in 2013
Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), recently echoed the sentiments of many economists that Africa’s emerging nations have become a driving force for world economic growth.
22 Jan 2013 - G. C.
Big Brother SA’s worrying impact on neighbours Blows to South Africa's economy and political instability are viewed with concern by surrounding countries
Canada has a saying that describes its relationship with the United States: “How do you sleep with an elephant? Carefully.”
27 Nov 2012 - S. T.
Old border disputes reignited Oil exploration reignites old border disputes
With no apparent end to large natural gas discoveries, estimated as the biggest in the world in the last decade, many of the international oil companies are moving into east and central Africa to share in the b
29 Aug 2012 - G. C.
Out of Africa Challenging start for South Africa's new AU chair
A challenging start to her term awaited the first woman and first South African chairperson of the African Union (AU) Commission after her election.
24 Jul 2012 - P. C. / S. T.
Forced migration Challenges of a growing phenomenon
Many countries across the globe, including South Africa, are ill-prepared to deal with the growing phenomenon of forced migration and refugees.
24 Jul 2012 - P. C.
Libyan hangover Mali: The latest victim of senseless destruction
Some months ago, an article in this Bulletin under the title, Libya: Opening Pandora’s Box, warned that “… any failure to set up a strong central authority in Libya after Gadaffi has been disposed of will mean
17 Jul 2012 - G. C.
Brazil's special role offers Africa a different deal Brazil is no longer just an exotic country in South America
Brazil is no longer just an exotic country in South America best known for the Rio carnival and its soccer players.
10 Jul 2012 - G. C.
"New" US policy is not all that new The hunt for al-Qaeda still dominates.
The “new” United State (US) foreign policy for sub-Saharan Africa recently announced by president Barack Obama turns out to be not all that new.
03 Jul 2012 - G. C.
Concern over inter-country adoption Between 2003 and 2011, at least 41 000 children from Africa were sent abroad for adoption
Between 2003 and 2011, at least 41 000 children from Africa were sent abroad for adoption according to a recent study.
26 Jun 2012 - P. C.
Zimbabwe Security forces pose imminent threat to proper political process
At the recent Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit in Luanda, Angola, Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe and his party Zanu-PF received the message loud and clear.
26 Jun 2012 - G. C.
Malawi stands firm as African Union Malawi stands firm as African Union and the International Criminal Court interests clash
The tension between the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Africa, has been intensified by the African Union (AU) Commission. The commission informed Malawi that the country will no longer host the 9-16 Jul
19 Jun 2012 - G. C.

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