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JoGEDA JoGEDA to host the third SMME Summit
SMMEs are considered to be the engine for growth in the South African economy as innovators and creators of jobs. However, small businesses are facing challenges that are causing
03 Aug 2018
Superwoman Entrepreneur Are you a guilt-free Superwoman entrepreneur?
Every year, when I hand out the award in the ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year’ category, I raise the same question. In 2018, is it really necessary that we still award
02 Aug 2018
Women in technology Continuing growth of female entrepreneurship in South Africa
The continuing growth of female entrepreneurship in South Africa, particularly in the technology industry, is a testament to the willpower and determination of South African
02 Aug 2018
Freedom In Art Exhibition Calling all Artists and Market Traders
Freedom In Art Auction and Exhibition is taking place again this year; picking up from the great success of 2017. Nicky Ellis Schnetzer is the founder of the Freedom in Art
01 Aug 2018
Madiba’s ‘circle of dialogue’ Satrix takes Madiba’s ‘circle of dialogue’ to the JSE
During his imprisonment on Robben Island, global icon Nelson Mandela encouraged honest debate, conversing in a circle in which every voice was heard, and discouraging polarisation
01 Aug 2018
The Time Is Now for Impact Investing Time for social investors to rethink their role in mainstreaming impact investing in South Africa
Impact investing in South Africa is increasing – becoming less of a buzzword and gaining traction among development and commercial investors. Given this, and the unique
01 Aug 2018
Celebrating 20 Years of Strategic Social Investment By Tracey Henry, CEO of Tshikululu Social Investments
Looking back to July 1998, it is with a sense of pride that we celebrate Tshikululu’s 20th anniversary this month. Many people and organisations paved the way for our very
01 Aug 2018
Employee Experience?  Can your Company afford to ignore the significance of the Employee Experience? 
Have you ever walked into an organisation’s offices that were so beautifully designed that you thought to yourself wow it must be amazing to work there? At your own office
01 Aug 2018
Medshield: one of SA’s leading medical schemes For five decades, Medshield Medical Scheme has remained competitive in the marketplace
For five decades, Medshield Medical Scheme has remained competitive in the marketplace by consistently providing its members with affordable benefits and accessibility to the best
31 Jul 2018
Is Tesla’s downfall a case of over-investment? Tesla’s stock fell by 6%, showing a few cracks in Elon Musk’s armour.
After the recent announcement of the results for the first quarter of 2018, Tesla’s stock fell by 6%, showing a few cracks in Elon Musk’s armour. Is reality finally
31 Jul 2018
Why doesn’t diversity training work? Professor André Keet from Nelson Mandela University recently attended a transformation workshop
I recently attended a transformation workshop, which was attended by all the heads of departments at Rhodes University and facilitated by transformation and social justice
31 Jul 2018
The science of climate change A simple definition of sustainable energy is that it is a clean system
A simple definition of sustainable energy is that it is a clean system, which satisfies the needs of the present generation without affecting the future generation adversely In a
31 Jul 2018
SA ranked last SA household savings crisis
According to analysis done by savings fintech start up, South African’s household savings rate comes last when ranked against the G20 countries. This is
30 Jul 2018
Tintswalo Safari Lodge Exclusive '3 for 2' Offer at the Tintswalo Safari Lodge This November
Tintswalo Safari Lodge is offering a special ‘3-for-2’ offer during the month of November 2018 where guests booking a luxury Explorer Suite for 2 nights will
30 Jul 2018
SA draws international students SA draws international students for field guide training
Tourism levels in South Africa are at an all-time high and according to the World Travel and Tourism Council it’s believed that this industry will contribute more to the
30 Jul 2018

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