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COVER STORY Visionary or villain?
In July 2020, Amazon will be celebrating 26 years since its founding. From a small warehouse of books and a basic online domain, a kingdom has been born. But what are we to make
12 Feb 2020
DEVELOPMENT The imposter syndrome
I was recently involved in a leadership development programme with young professionals ranging from junior to middle to senior management. All three groups spoke about the
12 Feb 2020 - P. O. S. / R. B. S.
WORKPLACE BULLYING When colleagues become foes
When we think ‘bullying’, we imagine a group of schoolchildren on the playground, taunting one of their classmates. This perception likely stems from the fact that
12 Feb 2020 - W. M.
MINING AND SAFETY Mitigating mining disasters
The mining industry comes with multiple health risks, some more serious than others. Which is why the South African Mining industry is committed to a principle, they refer to as
12 Feb 2020
GROWTH VIA JOB CREATION Harmony setting the precedent for community development
Mashego Mashego, executive director: stakeholder relations and corporate affairs The mining industry has always played a huge role in the South African economy. It has the power
12 Feb 2020
About The Magazine  
Leadership magazine is aimed at dynamic middle and senior business managers and Directors, entrepreneurs, an influential political class and those who aspire to leadership roles,
11 Feb 2020
Publisher's Note 2020 and Beyond
There is something magical about the year 2020. It is the start of a magnificent decade which impresses upon us, to aspire and plan bigger than usual about the future. The year
11 Feb 2020
Boost digital economy growth in the Western Cape Free start-up investor course launched to boost digital economy growth in the Western Cape
The vibrant start-up scene in the Western Cape offers exciting opportunities for those who understand the risks and rewards of early-stage investing. To encourage more South
10 Feb 2020
Entrepreneurial Innovation Private equity fund takes the lead to accelerate growth at transformative 4IR start-ups
The R360 million paid by Altron for Ubusha Technologies highlights the accelerated returns on offer to private equity investors who back transformative businesses enabled by
10 Feb 2020
A smart investment Li-ion UPS battery from Schneider Electric
Up until recently, Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries have not been commercially adopted as batteries for single-phase UPSs. While used in various other applications, they
06 Feb 2020
Bringing critical power distribution out of the dark By Quintin Mccutcheon, Digital Transformation DCX+ EcoStruxure Leader – Anglophone Cluster
As the trend towards digitisation becomes pervasive across many industries and operations, the benefits offered to power distribution systems should not be overlooked. However,
06 Feb 2020
Producing Power Outside of Eskom Investment Opportunities Arise as SA’s Energy Minister looks at Producing Power Outside of Eskom
The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe revealed on Tuesday that government is looking forward to creating a new entity with the ability to generate power
06 Feb 2020
The Power and Electricity World Africa 2020 31 March - 1 April 2020 Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg
After months of radical experiments, mixing the most potent and reactive elements from across the African energy industry, we have added even more disruptors and innovative topics
04 Feb 2020
CONTINENTAL FREE-TRADE AGREEMENT Africa’s free-trade agreement needs supporting interventions
The economic benefits of the African Continental Free-Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), which is set to come into effect in July, will be substantial if non-tariff trade barriers are
03 Feb 2020 - V. W.
Lekker Local Tech Five Apps and Tools Making Life a Little Easier for South Africans
Technology is constantly transforming the world, from the way we work, communicate and shop, to how we commute, go on holiday, and even purchase property. While most South
31 Jan 2020

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