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Challenges facing the Transport and Logistics industry Optimal utilisation of vehicles, preservation of resources and increase of safety: This is how you master every situation
The Corona crisis poses extreme challenges for everyone in the logistics and transport sector: While some transport companies face an extreme decline in orders, some, for example
07 Apr 2020
MyFanPark South Africans show their love during lockdown via the stars
With the nation in lockdown, South Africans are finding a new way to connect with and spoil those they love, by using celebrities. Since this period started, -
06 Apr 2020
The World Bank World Bank Asks Innovators to Solve Top Three Agri Challenges Facing Africa
Did you know that investing in agricultural development is up to three times more effective for reducing poverty than doing so in any other sector? With countries in the Southern
01 Apr 2020
Rentoza Business Survival Strategies During COVID-19
Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting businesses and South Africa is no exception. Now, companies need not only look at how they keep employees safe, but also how they
01 Apr 2020
Digemy Data-Light Gamified COVID-19 Learning Platform Launches to Educate Africa About the Virus
South Africa is in the midst of a 21-day nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19). However, many people still don’t understand the dangers of
01 Apr 2020
CAPITALISING ON RECESSION South Africa’s economy has seen better days
“South Africa’s economy has seen better days. With the addition of the Corona virus outbreak, the current state-of-affairs is not looking promising. Exploiting this
20 Mar 2020 - I. R.
COVID-19 TIPS FOR SMEs Covid-19: How SMEs can mitigate the impact
In his address to the nation delivered on 15 March 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national state of disaster considering the rising number of coronavirus cases
18 Mar 2020 - E. L.
COVER STORY Fee-free education frees all
The most glaring issue in higher education in recent years has been fee-free education and how to accomplish it without putting the country into debt As someone who was forced to
17 Mar 2020
MANDELA “If there is one thing I will fight you for–it is my respect.”
So said Rohlihlahla Nelson Mandela to a prison guard who was leading him to the dock at the Rivonia trail of 1964. The guard was pushing him forward and at Mandela’s warning
17 Mar 2020
GOOD GOVERNANCE Over the past 50 years, an “unnoticed apocalypse” may have killed off half the planet’s insects.
Over the past 50 years, an “unnoticed apocalypse” may have killed off half the planet’s insects. This is the opening line of a World Economic Forum feature on 25
17 Mar 2020 - P. O. S.
THE DIGITAL AGE ‘Disruption’ and ‘innovation’ are the hallmarks of the modern economy.
‘Disruption’ and ‘innovation’ are the hallmarks of the modern economy. Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, cloud computing and blockchain are some of the
17 Mar 2020 - R. K.
TRIBUTE The legacy lives on
South African heritage and culture is significantly reflected in their music. Their work earned them 19 Grammy nominations and 5 Grammy wins. Ladysmith Black Mambazo, might have
17 Mar 2020 - J. M.
PUBLISHERS NOTE The data economy
The year 2020 seems to be galloping at an unprecedented pace, granted this might just be my own delusion. We are already approaching the end of the first quarter of the year, yet
16 Mar 2020
The South African waste management industry is constantly developing and is the most efficient within the African continent. However, current statistics highlight that South
10 Mar 2020
AGRICULTURE-AND-SKILLS-DEVELOPMENT South Africa’s greatest challenge is the yawning gap of the Gini co-efficient
South Africa’s greatest challenge is the yawning gap of the Gini co-efficient in a society in which the haves increasingly have more and the have nots make do with less and
10 Mar 2020

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