Women at the Top of their Game at Silverstar


Women at the Top of their Game at Silverstar 

Gaming and entertainment may have been a male dominated industry in the past, but this has changed thanks to the talent of a number of women who are taking the lead in creating unforgettable guest experiences. This Women’s Month, Silverstar is celebrating its own female heads of department who are at the top of their game when it comes to creating premium entertainment for valued guests and their families.

Achievement Based on Merit

Having worked for the group for over 18 years, 10 of these at Silverstar, Dalene Woodhouse is a veteran when it comes to the entertainment industry. As a leader of the Cash Desk team, Woodhouse has made it her business to see the potential in women and put measures in place that will see them grow and reach their career aspirations. “We should always keep in mind that achievement is based on merit, and so it is up to each woman in the workplace to show that we are capable of climbing the corporate ladder,” says Woodhouse.

Clearly passionate about the empowerment of her gender, Woodhouse notes, “Women’s Month  is a time to salute the 20,000 women who were not afraid to stand up and protest what they believed to be wrong in August 1956. It is their actions that have paved the way for the freedom and opportunities we now often take for granted.”

A Legacy of Excellence

Marketing Manager Sanele Ntombela has helped to establish Silverstar as a premier entertainment destination by staging exciting promotions and events for families living in the West Rand and beyond. Ntombela has always wanted to be in the field she now finds herself in, and loves working with a dynamic team that strives for a legacy of excellence. She feels most rewarded, however, when she sees guests smiling after being entertained at Silverstar.

When it comes to the representation of women in the workplace Ntombela says, “I truly believe there is light at the end of the tunnel as we see more and more women entering the entertainment industry on a daily basis. I count myself lucky because my role is not biased and I am assessed on the value I bring to my job irrespective of my gender.” 

A Key and Equal Team Member

Having recently jumped off the Soweto Towers with a client, VIP Services Manager Sharika Betts is a professional at handling the pressure of creating premium entertainment experiences at Silverstar for her high-end guests. To navigate her way through the mainly male dominated industry she works in, Betts is very decisive and sure of herself in her approach. As a result, her male colleagues treat her as a key team member and more importantly, as an equal. 

Women’s Month is a special celebration for Betts and she says, “As females we bring such diversity to any relationship.  We should celebrate the amazing creatures we are and embrace it, not only during the month of August, but throughout the year as well. I seek to achieve this by being firm but fair in all my dealings with guests and staff, and by always respecting people and their opinions.”

A Recipe for Success

Chef Maxine Webber has made a name for herself as the Sous Chef at Silverstar’s Billy G restaurant. Webber did not let her gender get in the way of her ambitions, she excelled at creating a highly efficient kitchen and outstanding customer service at her outlet, thereby contributing to the Silverstar experience. “I may work in a male-dominated industry, but I believe that to show what I am made of, I just have to work harder,” says Webber.

The recipe for Webber’s success also lies in taking responsibility “No one ever achieved anything great by not taking responsibility for their actions. Have respect for yourself, your kitchen and fellow staff, and when you start taking ownershipof your work, you will be recognised regardless of your gender.”

It’s clear that women and their unique skill sets are flourishing in the gaming and entertainment industry. Silverstar, in particular, sets the example of harnessing the power of women to create premium experiences that guests and their families will find hard to forget.

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