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I was born and raised in Kensington, Cape Town, the eldest of 6 siblings. As a young girl, my two brothers and I often played the game “When I am big one day, I want to be”. One of my brothers became a successful business man and leader, my other brother a dedicated teacher. I, on the other hand always wished “Just to help people”.

Whilst being a single divorced mother raising 2 sons was challenging, it has taught me lessons that I would never have learnt had I not experienced the challenges and overcoming them one step at a time.

The strong values and faith built during my childhood years, the lessons learned while raising my two sons since the age of 11 and 15; now grown men age 34 and 37, and a grandmother of 2 has been my life’s greatest foundation and platform of learning!

In 2001, I was introduced to a Life coach, and during our first conversations I started seeing life through ‘new eyes’. I started making radical shifts in my beliefs and perceptions of myself and what was possible in my life. The real change was the change in my ‘Way of Being”, the ‘driver’ of my behaviour and avenue to my soul, resulting in ‘deep change’ which empowered me on so many levels. I wanted to shout it from the roof tops!

My vast travel experiences abroad, and time spent whilst living in the UK has broadened my understanding of cultural diversity; especially the change in human behaviour and norms, has helped me to deal with various aspects of life.

After years of experience in various corporate industries, I realised that communication and mindset had a direct impact on the productivity and outflow of energy, motivation, completion of tasks, and the level of team effort, which in turn impacts the organisation and is central to the growth of the organisation.
The more I worked with people, it was clear to me that Inter-personal relationships cause the most conflict in both the business and personal lives of people. 

Professional Coaching Qualifications 

  • Accredited international Executive Business Coaching – University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Wellness Coach Certification
  • Authentic Self-Empowerment Facilitator Certification
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certification.
  • Tertiary studies in Business Administration and Finance at the University of the Western Cape.

I started working as an Associate Business Coach for Heartlinc in 2007, where I gained valuable experience in coaching Corporate Executives. My first assignment was at one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in South Africa. Working with executives, managers and key personnel in the Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Construction and other industries gave me a solid foundation in Business Coaching and Organizational Change Management. 

During 2007, I started my own Coaching Business, focusing on Business Coaching and Personal Development using a wholistic approach to assist clients to bring full attention to the sensory experience for what is in the present moment and develop a deep connection to their authentic self.

I have worked with clients from all walks of life, with a wide range of issues like, relationship challenges, substance abuse, making major life choices and in their careers.  

Recently I launched the “I am More” Program with the belief that we were born with pure potentiality. Every cell in our body is born of pure potentiality or the pure consciousness that creates all things. 

The “I Am More” Program, offers a uniquely designed integration of Authentic Self-Empowerment and Open Awareness processes that helps to transform the individual’s personal life and career. It equips the individual with skills to let go of beliefs that keep them stuck from unleashing their full potential.

I am also the founder of an NPO, NTD Entrepreneurial Skills Development Consultancy where our key aim is to empower young learners by teaching them Entrepreneurial Skills and to give them the necessary tools for the future where unemployment in South Africa is on the increase. Our objective is to build a nation of future entrepreneurs and to increase the number of people who are self-employed that can be economically stable and secure, thereby making an impact and contributing to world progress!

In my NPO, I recently worked with adults in disadvantaged communities, facilitating a Basic Computer Literacy Course, and at the start of the 6-week program, I taught my students the process of Open Awareness. These adults have never been exposed to any kind of coaching, awareness, or mindfulness practices. I started by explaining the Open Awareness process and benefits to them; and how it relates to a learning environment and having an open mind to learn new skills.

The feedback from them was overwhelming and humbling. They reported that they felt more relaxed and the tension, low self-confidence and anxiousness with which they came into the classroom had decreased and for some had completely resolved. They were curious and open to learn.

Open Awareness is like a dance with what is in the present moment and balancing the flow of the breath naturally with all of one’s senses to calm body, mind and spirit.

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