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The NEC comprises of the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the various areas, together with a few co-opted members. These members donate their time to help the industry by completing projects on subjects brought up by our members at our regional branch meetings. 


SARACCA’s marketing agency, Hot Mustard (HM), gave a presentation on current marketing initiatives and future plans with regards to marketing and communications.

The chairmen of each branch are to please remind members at the branch meetings that we are always on the lookout for projects and photos to publish. We encourage members to submit projects and articles worth publishing.

Re-Registration of the SAQCC Gas practitioners’ card has been identified by HM as a major concern and a re-registration campaign has been devised to address this issue.

In the discussion, the changing landscape of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry was raised and this change was identified as something that needs to be incorporated in the marketing strategy. Efforts must be aimed at the users and corporate clients.

HM asked, what will the HVAC landscape look like in 2025? What are we doing about bridging the gap between small and large contractors?

Safety Files

The issue of Safety Officer’s (SO) requirements for safety files not being standard throughout the industry was discussed.

It was suggested that a few of the member’s companies request their SO to put together a minimum requirements index, which the NEC will take forward as a project. 


The recognition of training providers was discussed and the need to confirm their qualifications and training material to encourage compliance with regulations.

SARACCA will collate a ‘SARACCA minimum standards’ manual for the training of safe handling refrigerant gases for practitioners, which will be used to assess training providers.

The training sub-committee have been invited to the 1st draft meeting in Cape Town on 18th July. 


SARACCA has been working on the SANS 1238 ducting standard for a while now and it was agreed that we should complete it and use it as a standard which we will present to the SABS.

We look forward to executing everything that was discussed and we hope to receive an increased rate of interaction from all our members.

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