The 2016 edition of the Annual South African HR Recruitment Report was recently released, providing a large scale overview of local recruitment research and trends…


A total of 1 388 HR professionals from around South Africa participated in the 2016 survey, published by DirectHire and the largest of its kind in the country. The majority of respondents were in senior HR positions (managerial level and above), and originated from medium to large enterprises operating in city centres in Gauteng or the Western Cape.

The biggest concern in recruitment

Respondents identified a lack of available talent as a key area of concern when hiring new staff.

A shortage of critical skills was highlighted by over 50% of the sample as the biggest obstacle to talent acquisition. This was followed by compensation expectations and competition from other organisations.

Vacancies and turnover

Over 55% of respondents reported turnover levels of between 5 - 10%, remaining steady from previous years. With a large number of positions being filled in 2014 and 2015, recruiters foresee fewer job openings in the remaining months of 2016 and 2017. While there may be more competition from job seekers for those available roles, the lack of critical skills mentioned above still leads to some difficulty in finding suitable candidates.

Employer branding is a top priority

HR professionals are increasingly seeing the value of a strong employer brand as an internal and external marketing tool. 60% of respondents stated that they have a branding strategy in place, while 25% indicated that no strategy exists and 15% were unsure.

The vast majority of survey respondents felt that a strong and consistent employer brand is crucial when attracting critical skills and key talent to the organisation.

How are recruiters finding candidates?

Unsurprisingly, the popularity of print job advertisements has decreased sharply in recent years. In its place, social media and online job boards are the most popular options utilised by recruiters. 75% also report that they have a careers section on their website where job seekers can apply for available roles.

Within social media, respondents report the highest rates of success with LinkedIn, followed by Facebook. More than half of recruiters use LinkedIn Jobs, despite this being a paid-for feature.

90% of the sample indicated that they prefer to try place candidates via internal recruitment methods, before approaching recruitment agencies. This is likely due to the lower barrier entries to online job advertising, as well as the greater rates of success.

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