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Leadership Magazine is sponsoring 50 conference tickets to the IT Leaders IoT & AfriSecure Cyber Security Summit!


These complimentary tickets, valued at R 8 500 each are limited to the first 50 registrations! Don't miss your chance!

The IT Leaders IoT & AfriSecure Cyber Security Summit features two main tracks, focusing on the Internet of Things and Cyber Security.

Conference sessions which you will get to attend for FREE will cover various topics within these four session themes; 

  • Identifying the ROI in IoT
  • Exploiting the digital convergence driven by IoT
  • A cyber security ecosystem as the key to security
  • Aligning the board for risk, governance and compliance


Attend the IT Leaders IoT and AfriSecure Cyber Security Summit to gain valuable knowledge from industry thought leaders including Dr Bright Mawudor, Head of Cyber Security Services for Internet Solutions Kenya and  

Claycia Johnson, BMW Digtal Marketing and ConnectedDrive manage.

Dr Bright Mawudor, Head of Cyber Security Services for Internet Solutions Kenya, will demonstrate how easily IoT devices can be exploited around the world using simple tools and search engines that are publicly available and used to identify ICS and SCADA systems, Baby monitors, elevator control systems and cameras in general. During this presentation, Dr Bright will also demonstrate how organisations can secure such systems and how a country will know if they are ready for Cyber for cyber warfare. 

Claycia Johnson, BMW Digtal Marketing and ConnectedDrive manager will be delivering a keynote elaborating on how to effectively curate value from IoT data. The real value of IoT lies in the utilisation of actionable insights gathered from IoT data. She will cover the key points that must be considered whilst devising the IoT implementation architecture in order to extract value from IoT.

BMW has pioneered the application of IoT in their vehicles through the BMW ConnectedDrive programme. With the programme already running for a number of years, the German manufacturer is one of a handful of organisations to have a wealth of IoT data to work with. With 90% of new vehicles expected to be connected to the internet by 2020, the automotive industry is being monitored closely in how they generate a return on investment through the experience boosting power of IoT.

Click here to register to attend the IT Leaders IoT and AfriSecure Cyber Security Summit

The AfriSecure and IT Leaders IOT Summit takes place in October 2018 at The Forum in Johannesburg.

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